Well, the little spate of icon work I did last night was the most actual work on RetroQuest I've done in weeks, and it felt good. I tried out five different leg stances, though only two or three of them really look good... I'll probably leave them all in for the initial rounds of testing and see if anybody uses the ones I don't care for.

I could conceivably use the same thing for further customization options later, like if someone wants their character to have an aquatic or reptilian tail in place of legs, or tentacles, or hooves, or spider legs... such outre options might make a good "micropremium" or member benefit, down the line.

I did put the height thing in. It only varies by +/- 1 pixel, but since the icons are being stretched in the view that translates to a fairly noticeable difference.

For the upper body, I now have five "builds". They only vary +/- 1 pixel thickness, but by tweaking the shape a little I made one of the big ones look more fat and the other one just big, and one of the two thin ones is noticeably more spindly.

The fact that the legs don't vary in thickness sometimes looks a little inconsistent, but not terribly so... even still, I do have the leg types handles as icon states so I could very easily make thin legs, normal legs, and thick legs and let players choose. In fact, I think I'm going to try that now.

This is all a bit more... intricate... than I had in mind when I started out, but it doesn't add to the complexity of the overall game and I think the benefits will be well worth it, in terms of making individual PCs more distinct/recognizable and getting players engaged with their characters.