Naruto Kage wars

by Uzaki Namegoshi
Naruto Kage wars
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how do we host it now
i can hoste it
ask me it the host file went your ready I make the game for Uzaki Namegoshi and if I done fixing it I can put the post file to host it but Uzaki Namegoshi have to tell me his password so I can go in to it and done fix it so it can host the is only 3 village is in it and we need a good icon and code I will map I map my naruto game the link is Darkchrispee.NarutoKageAnbu , DragonBallZHeroesUnited3 , , and
The Old NGG Is Back Here In Byond Hub 981014.NNGNarutoNextGeneration?tab=index

New updates New system Nice Gm's
Hope You Like It!

Tarundbz and I is making the 3rth best NNG Game In Byond !