So, I took some time off the past few days for things like job interviews and family matters. So I've been working for most of the day and now there's a new version out, including gametypes! Only a few for now, but I'm working on it. =P

Ver 0.8
-Added Gametypes*
-Raised AI/Team capacity. (Now: 16, Formerly: 8)
-Fixed a few small bugs
-Expanded Startup Menu, includes gametypes and descriptions.

-Deathmatch: Defeat enemy tanks to gain points. The team with the most points wins.
-King of the Hill: Get to the Hill and stay near it to gain points. Keep your foes out of the hill by destroying them. The team with the most points wins.
-Zombies: All but one will spawn with normal tanks. The other starts with a spike chassis, this is the "zombie". When destroyed by the zombie, you will respawn as a zombie. You can only score if you are not a zombie. The player with the highest score after all players are zombies, wins.

I realize that setting up dynamic gametypes in any game can become a difficult process. You're essentially building several different games off of the framework of the original. Hopefully I accomplished that.

Things will be buggy, I guarantee it, but the more you test the more bugs can be notified about, and ultimately, the better the game gets.

I've also included in the descriptions an AI CPU usage note to each of the gametypes. If you find yourself lagging a bunch on that gmetype, try switching to a different gametype.

This mainly has to do with the intricacies of pathfinding and multiple AI mobs. Hopefully they're not too hard on your system, but I'll say this right now, "High" ratings are for 2.0ghz dual cores or Higher, it's annoyingly laggy on a single core.

Still, don't take my word for it, go ahead and try out the settings yourself. Remember, less AI= less CPU usage. If the game rates "Low" then you can use a bunch of AI. "High" only 2-4 are suggested.

yeah new glitch i was just playing deathmatch with 16 ai on each team then the match ended and the leader boards said laserdog 2 ai: ? ai ? ai? and it said in the chat window repair is now a zombie health is now a zombie. and then a bunch of errors poped up after that
Hmmmm. Looks like I missed an if() statement somewhere. Let me checdk it out. I'll update with fixes ASAP.
It's the fact that you used the gt_change() verb. it's not meant to show up like that so it's my fault XD

It's what changed the gametype and is usually only accessible through menus.

Fixed now, it's hidden and there's a precaution on it. Uploading now. =P
Can you add a music toggle button? I like playing my own tracks while playing.
Sure. You could always just drop the music volume to 0 in the options, but I will add a macro for muting the music. =)
I wasn't aware there was a music options o-o
oh o__o

press ESC to access the options after the game has been started.