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Hello everyone! We're back in action!
HUB: Proelium
TIME: Tuesday, August 16th from 22:00-23:30PM US Central Time
CHANNEL: hexbitgames

I sincerely apologize for not uploading a new episode, I know many people were anticipating the new installment. Sadly I fell ill last week, a few days after the first BYONDcast episode was uploaded. I couldn't talk at all without pain or coughing, so that obviously put doing a podcast beyond the realm of feasibility.

Anyway, back on track! We've got two guests to be appearing with us in the next BYONDcast, so that'll be fun. And we've got this wonderful event planned for all of you in the BYOND community. Our previous event was very successful, but we hope to have even more people show up for this event!

We'll be playing Proelium by SilkWizard, a longstanding BYOND classical game of team-based PVP RPG/Action with many different game styles like capture the flag, deathmatch, location capture, and a few others.

Due to problems with controls on the last BYONDcast event, we'll be posting all the controls for the game here beforehand so people know what to expect to control their characters. But don't worry, this game has a much more modern BYOND interface than Tanks did! (:

Labtop/Netbook Controls
Change Weapon - Spacebar
Use Weapon - Enter Key
Movement - Arrow Keys

Desktop/Tower Controls
Change Weapon - Spacebar
Use Weapon - Enter Key OR 5 Key with numlock OFF
Movement - Arrow Keys

That's pretty much it, hope you show up! Follow BYOND Journalism to receive updates sooner. MAKE SURE YOU SPREAD THIS ARTICLE/EVENT TO YOUR FRIENDS!
Thanks a ton!

looks fun im gonna win hopefully
You can bet I'll spread the word this time.
@Fugsnarf: Great! Thanks a ton, I hope other people do as well! (:

I'll be there to put a few eyes out. And maybe infect and run to make some of you rage. :)
I gave you some pretty boxes.
@EG: Thanks, I saw! I added you on Skype, if you wanted to talk to me there.
@Akto: YEAH!!!

@Truseeker: Glad you're coming. Just make sure you spread it to your friends as well!
Im so in Gonna be fun like last time :D
@AdventureTimeProductions: Yeah, hopefully we'll have even more people stay around and play! (:
Cool :-)

Last I heard, the original Proelium doesn't play nice with newer versions of BYOND and the weapon switching hotkeys 1-4 don't work. You may be better off going with Proelium 2 instead.
@Silk Games: Oh that's fine, we'll be sticking to Proelium 1. I've tested out the game and it is playable to its fullest extent on the current BYOND build.
You are correct about the hot keys 1-4 not working, which is why I didn't list them in the controls. ;)
Instead we'll have to use the weapon cycling. (:
I told some of my friends about this looks like a fun event.
@Sherwood: Thanks a lot, we're hoping it turns out as successful if not more than the last event! (:
@Sherwood - It always is!!! :D
@Yut Put: We'll be starting up in about 7 hours from this exact moment.
Yut Put wrote:
Oasiscircle wrote:
@Yut Put: We'll be starting up in about 7 hours from this exact moment.

ouch. i better get my game on beforehand

someone needs to host a pre-game server xD
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