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Hey there,

So, I decided in the spirit of my lack of game development over the past 7+ years on BYOND (only about 5 games made, terribly), I decided I'd finally start developing a game.

Mind you, this game isn't exactly going to be my most prized creation, but it is a start into the game making world. Why isn't it fantastic? Because it's multi-player only, and developing multi-player only games is a *****.

Anyways, here's a quick screenshot of the game I'm building. Graphics are horrible, yes - but I assure you gameplay is on its way.

It looks like a chess clone, but it's modified. Each player (2 players) gets 5 pieces (pawn, knight, rook, bishop, or king) of any multiple (currently only the pawn is done).

Each piece has defined level, movement, and effects. For example, the pawn is level 3 (highest level), speed: 7 (quickest speed), no effect, and can only move one tile in any NEWS direction.

The higher the level, the better combatant it is. Therefore, a level 3 vs a level 2, the level 3 will always win. A level 3 vs level 3, both die.

In addition, there is friendly-fire, so strategy is a must for this game.

Lastly, your end-goal is to destroy the enemy's queen. I haven't decided if I want to draw a queen or a castle yet, but those ugly looking gray things at the top and bottom centers are the queens. They can't do anything, and if anything touches them, the game is over. Your job is to both defend your queen, and destroy your enemies queen.

What's currently finished:

  • Character-wise
  • Pawns - icon (temp), movement, battle
  • Effects
  • n/a
  • Core Systems
  • Timer - Instead of a turn-based system, each piece has it's own delay timer. Once it's ready to move, the blue bar appears and when you click on it, those arrows appear in all directions it's allow to move in.
  • Basic Battle System - will still be updated, but now it's ready to include the first piece with an effect, which is the bishop.

If anyone wants to assist with graphics, that'd be lovely. Otherwise, no worries - I'll someday gather up the courage to draw something that might be considered decent.

Anyways, hope you like it. If you don't, I may just end up scrapping this because it's really a ***** (again) to work on.
I can make some pieces for you. Is there a setting you want, like fantasy or futuristic?
Now this looks like a fun strategy game! I am looking forward to a release.
It looks really fun!
Can't wait to see more! (:
Good stuff.
Looks really awesome. Keep it up. :D