Whoo, changelog update!

Ver 0.9
-Updated the interface.*
-Added "Controls" options.*
-Added Hover Chassis.*
-Added Craft Chassis*
-Added Specials*
-Added "Max Players" to setup options. Default:32
-Added music for the title screen.
-Changed the minimum AI for the world. You can now drop it to zero for no AI.
-Added music for the title screen.
-Removed full explosions from missile turrets. They fire faster, but no longer do splash damage. (it didn't help much anyways.)
-Fixed Zombies to spawn as a spike tank at round reset. (Hopefully)
-Fixed a bug that would allow players other than the host to start the game, if hosted through Dream Daemon.

-Fixed a small audio bug that caused changing the volume on one of the songs to do nothing.

*Hover Chassis: Has the highest movement speed and the lowest health. It is also difficult to control, as friction barely applies to it.

*Craft Chassis: Has no weapons at all, but can spawn up to five miniturrets with half the normal delay.

*Specials: Every ten seconds you can use a special move by pressing middle-click or "E". Picking up a special orb (glowing orb) will refill your special bar and give you a random special.
-Rapid: Doubles your firing rate for three seconds
-Ammo: Provides you with infinite ammo for five seconds.
-Boost: Doubles your move speed for three seconds.
-Turret: creates a miniturret at your location, lasts until destroyed.
--miniturrets cannot move and cannot generate score for KotH gametypes.

*Interface Update:
-The interface now has a much cleaner, higher contrast look and can be minimized/maximized much more easily.
-The interface now has a bar and an icon for specials.
-A Title screen has been added. It is visible while waiting for resources to complete (Host) and while waiting for the host to start the game/choosing a team (player).

*Controls Options
-Mouse Control: You can now diable mouse control and use UDLR(up,down,left,right) to control the turret while WASD controls movement.

Okay, so, as you guys may have heard, Tanx won the Poplava Challenge and I'm ecstatic over it. Recently I've noticed my CPU is having more and more trouble keeping up with things (it's a 3.4ghz single) so I'm going to have to get a new one. Thankfully I have just enough with the funds from the challenge. I got lucky <_<.

So, since I haven't been releasing any new stuff as I waited for the challenge to finish, I've been working. as you can see by the huge changelog, I've added and fixed a few things. Unfortunately with my current cpu it's very hard for me to tell whether or not the game is running efficiently. So, I've been using my sisters laptop for a while and I can say that it runs just fine on a dual core, I can't say for a single because I know for a fact that the one on my main comp has bit the dust. I'm very sorry if this turns out to be unplayable on a single core, if it is, try having a friend host it, because I'd like to see how a single core reacts to not having to host the server, it might be playable by everyone but only host-able by dual cores.

I'll stop ranting about this stuff now, go ahead and try out the new version, I can guarantee that there will be a lot of bugs, hopefully they'll be easy to solve.

Also, I wanted to get this out the door while I can, but I promise you guys will have a new map either today or tomorrow, along with any bugfixes that are needed for this version.

Please let me know what you guys think. =)
Well that sounds like an excellent update :O
Well, I can host a server on my sisters laptop in the meantime if you'd like. It's a 3.0ghz Dual core and it runs Tanx like a boss.

Just let me know and I'll post up a server address.
I noticed the trolling XD. Give me 10 minutes.
can you increase the max ai per team to 32 for my ailenware

There you go. I'll only be playing for a little bit, but it'll be up for a few hours. Deathmatch. 50 kills, team switching and tank changing is on.

remember, tilde (~) to kill the visual lag

you bet your sweet ass I will.
i found a glitch you cant increase the max ammount of players only lower it if you try increase it says invaild verb
yeah, just got it fixed, and hopefully some other bugs.
the unresponsive mouse is an issue I have to look into. It works fine for the most part but it might be tied to Java. Not sure yet.

The music is probably due to a few issues. I'd like to do ambiance, but I can't find any good sounds.

The server is back up and it's got the bugs fixed. Try using the manual turret controls if the mouse is still giving you issue.

Menu>control options>untick mouse control.

It'll tell you which keys do what
I shut the server down to fix the bugs and I may be rebooting it soon. Vrocaan suggested to help by hosting for us, but he might have to go through the port forwarding issues.
Currently, server is being hosted on: byond://