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hi, i was banned for no reason at all. i was told i "changed keys" and i didnt know what they were talking about. they thought i was someone else. on my first day of playing too! i asked them what was going on and then i was banned. i wonder if you could help me?
is there anyway i can prove my self and get let back
Hello, i know that your game is coming back soon, i would like to know if you can unbann me? i am not shouting out to you just because i am another person who was a total loser on your game and does not follow your rules. my account got banned because my sibling was banned. he does not play BYOND anymore that i know of and probably deleted his account. i really liked this game but my sibling got banned and i could not play anymore. can you please unbann me, i will do anything.
Hey, I can't join your server so...