Naruto The Ninja World

by Masterralphy55
Naruto The Ninja World
A mindblowing, revolutionary Naruto game!

Explore a vast world filled with fun, where you can recreate your own adventure in the world of Naruto!

The Team

Kabuto550 - Developer, Lead Programmer


Kidpaddle45 - Original Developer, Programmer
Blandon Heat - Original Developer, Artist
Masterralphy55 - Developer, Artist
Neo Rapes Everything - Developer, Programmer
Thelavaking - Developer, Programmer
KuchikiJ - Administrator, Programmer
Vrocaan - Administrator, Artist
Red X Maximo - Administrator
Magingyou1 - Moderator, Artist
King_LiOnZ - Moderator, Artist
Sayg00dby3 - Moderator, Artist
ShadowKnight06 Moderator, Artist
Yuki Uchisan - Moderator, Artist
BayJune - Moderator, Artist
Killalongjohns - Moderator, Artist
Southend_boi - Moderator, Artist
Shimitori - Artist
Hidan333 - Moderator
The Universe - Server

Players on this game are complete asses, there is no moderaters to do anything and the game play isnt even that great avoid this game like the plaque.
Deleting all comments, remember what I said? "When all comments get deleted, Update!"
I am sorry to inform you that Ace's internet has been down, so I have been told to let you know that the update will be tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
Game is going live! (:
Epic Game.
:/ wut happen to game??????
Why?why is it always when the game is back on, it doesnt work? i just dont get it!
the game its coming to live to morrow may be becaouse they doin updates
dont worry people this game will be all ways live and plszx donate for it
wen its coming up to morrow ore to day
i cant wait i have to play this game i cuden then sleep on 3 days
Heum, i don't know if you can but Masterralphy55, could you GFX for this game ? You guys don't click these link or it will be taked like an Advertise.
ACE bring back game u bummm, i already cursed out kabuto in feval for putting game down, and ur next if game doesnt come on tommorrow!

also who made a bunch of newbs kages in the game, and made gorz an anbu, when he could be a good kage? GOSH!! i dont need TNW, my man got 3 jobs >:(!
Game will come up sometime this weekend ( Before Sunday, so Saturday ) sorry for it being down!
BIG Update! New missions, squad system, better map, graphics and a whole lot of stuff! Stay tuned, you won't regret it (:
To find out what's in update 3.0, please stay tuned at: !
Game Over.
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