Naruto: Uprising

by Agatax
Naruto: Uprising
Anime Game Based On Naruto Show
Naruto Uprising

Brand New Orginal Project, New Icons, Turfs, We are currently looking for Codder so if ur talented in Art of Codding comment :)


New Scans:
2 Main Character's Powerfull Jutsu's:
Biuu's and Others:

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Looks awesome! Looking forward to it ^_^
huh i hope this game is not death no :O??
Fell in love with the preview. Hope you guys are still continuing on with the project.

Good luck. :)
No its not Done :/, just looking for new codder :/.
Agatax wrote:
No its not Done :/, just looking for new codder :/.

I'm getting teach the code thing in one month i will be intermidiate coder - Reading the DM guide as well just contact me if you accept my help.
I still don't know why if you were looking for a Programmer, you didn't ask me to, even though you know me since a while ago?

Time Disponibility: I am currently working with Masterralphy on one of his games (TNW). So I cannot spend as much time as I could, but I still can divide my time spent by 2, so I could of work for like 10 Hours a week on the game, maybe 15 Hours, depending on the RL Shit.

Past Experience: I've been programming since I reached BYOND at '07 (4 Years, with some month-breaks.) And learned through the time.
I've never been in a serious project, since 4 Months ago, when I decided to work on a Naruto game. I lacked Pixel Artists, so it never passed the basis systems.
Anyways, a week ago I went to Masterralphy55 asking if he needed some programming assistance, to what he replied 'Yes.' and passed his 'Tests'.

If you want to see some of my work, or see me in action with TV(TeamViewer), get in contact with me;

Pager: Neo Rapes Everything
E-Mail: [email protected] (I got you already, If I'm not mistaken.)
ok i accept any help, if u learn how to code let me kno ;p
Agatax wrote:
ok i accept any help, if u learn how to code let me kno ;p

I'm ready to program for you anytime.

Date added: Aug 04, 2011
Last updated: Nov 13, 2011
dead project?
No if Agatax replies to me and lets me program.
Anime HQ turn online Bleach: Online Adventure xD
XD we will soon...
I guess he is gone from BYOND.
I wonder why was my post deleted?
Im not gone from byond, i was gone being busy with work, im re-continuing the project now, Any help please Page me Agatax, i be more then happy to create new crew in order to finish this game. :)
Agatax I've been waiting for you. its Mf2 remember i said i would program for you.?
Well after a huuuuuuge pause, i am re-constructing a project once again. If any mapper, codder and sound producer is interested to work upon this fine project let me know on pager. I am currently got internet issues and cannot reply untill Friday so just be patient.