Hey guys,

So if you read a few of my previous updates, you may have noticed I've been sick for some time. The doctor's thought I had caught tuberculosis, and, while luckily I tested negative (and was finally given the go to stop those horrible anti-biotics - my pee was orange!), it looks like there is a 95% chance I contracted mononucleosis.

So, what does this mean for my life? Basically, it sucks.

Personal Life

I am a full-time college student (21 units) and based on my plan, I really don't have the luxury of not going. So I'll probably hang onto a bottle of vinegar (it's magical!) and just toil through my days at school attempting to stay awake for the next few weeks.

I decided I'll be taking off a few weeks of work. While I need the money, I need rest more, and since I can't stop school, something had to go. Don't worry, so is my personal life. -_-

Lastly, because mononucleosis comes with a side effect of a swollen spleen, I have to give up doing the P90X, at least until I get better (for fear of it rupturing). If anyone's done it before, they know that it ends up becoming like a drug, something you both look forward to and almost feel like you need. I was halfway through week 3, and feeling great. I'll definitely be missing that.


Probably the section you care about more. I'm currently working on two projects - one you guys know of as Save the Queen. It was going to be my contest entry for the Simple Development's Guild board game entry, but alas, the source code is at my work - which I won't be going to for a few weeks.

What does this mean? I won't win $10. But, I'm so far invested in the game that I don't plan on quitting. I'll likely release a finished product when I get better.

If you want a quick update on it, here it goes:

Boxcar did some spectacular art for the characters, and most of the art is done (aside from a few effect animations). I highly appreciate it.

Gameplay has taken an interesting turn. 3/5 characters are completed as far as what they do - the pawn, the king, and the bishop.

The pawn and the king are relatively the same - but of course still have their differences.

The pawn is level 3, can move in NEWS direction 1 tile, and has no effect. The king is level 2, can move in NEWS direction 1 tile, but when the queen is under attack, he can sacrifice himself to let the queen live for one turn. Balancing this will of course be an issue, but for now it works properly.

The bishop is level 1, can move in NE, NW, SE, SW directions but the catch for it's movement is that it must go as far as it can go - either to the edge of the map, or until it hits either the queen or a level 3 character. It's effect is that it can destroy any character in it's pathway that is below level 3. This should be an interesting character to see used because it can 2 move into the queen, and has a destructive path. However, it is quite slow and very easy to kill if unguarded. Should provide decent strategy.

I wish I had some screen shots for you guys, but again I don't have access for a few weeks. However, with the positive feedback, I definitely plan on continuing it.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope this goes away so I can get done what needs to get done.
lol the kissing disease

Good Luck on your entry though. As soon as you're finished with it, submit it to be listed under the guild.
I contracted that my senior year of high school, it sucks. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
That sucks friend, hope you get better soon. Just keep focusing on school, it's definitely an important part of your life it seems.

Lol yea, P90X. It's definitely a nice workout, but apparently it took its toll on you unfortunately. :( I would try not to push it so hard like they boast. The results can be...this.

Take it easy, man.
Get better soon. We needs you to finish your awesome "Save the Queen" game.
Had mono once. Sucks. Hope it doesn't steal too much of your time.
Hope you feel better soon CauTi0N. Which reminds me, I'm about to start at least community college shortly. It is possible I won't appear on BYOND as much (though won't be gone).

If that happens, I'll announce it.
I hope you feel better soon, man. Sounds like a pretty crappy time. :S
Hope you feel better soon. If you let me know what the effects you need are I could have them for you by the time you recover.