Well guys, I'm looking for a skin designer for my Pokémon game in development. I'm going to post the template from the Classified Ad I've already made here, to spare some time out.

Project Name:
Pokémon: Untold Tales

I didn't make a lot of progress yet. I've a intro splashscreen made, and the first lecture of the professor.
I'm not going to use the original NDS/GBA game art. But I'm going to use original art made by my pixel artists.
I want to allow the players to customize their characters, by letting them choose their own hairstyle, different clothes, etc.
I'm trying to do my best to break out of all these Pokémon games which use the same source.

Here, I'm presenting you a video of the intro when you first start the game up. (Watch in 720p HD and preferably on full screen.):

Project Goal:
Freeware, ofcourse, as it is a fangame.

Skills Needed:
I'm looking for a person who is capable of designing a nice skin. It has to be a skin which is compatible for fullscreen. The skin also needs to suit the style of Pokémon / anime, so something Pokémon related would be cool. The skin has to be original and cannot be given away to other people. I've designed one myself but I'm not satisfied with mine.

The only thing I can give you is your well deserved credit on the hub.

Team Members (Optional):
Raimo - Programmer.
Masterralphy55 - Pixel Artist
Karameli - Pixel Artist

Previous Work (Optional):

Contact Information:
Pager: Raimo
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Skin designer, well sure...
Addmelol wrote:
Skin designer, well sure...

Well, what?
What program do you use to record and what are your settings while recording?

I want to state for the record that Yut Put just gave honest, legitimate advice instead of trolling. Just sayin'
MDC wrote:
What program do you use to record and what are your settings while recording?

Camstasia, downloaded via torrent, I think I can pass you the files. I think I just rendered the video as 720p HD, I think it was a default setting. If you can pass me your MSN some time, I might be able to send you the files.
Not necessaily.
You can handle that 'problem' by a few lines of code.
Actually, the only problem I would see by doing FulLScreen is that the HUDs are placed out of screen in some monitor resolutions, like 800x600 when the interface is made from 1024x700 (Example)

To prevent that from happening you could simply make a new proc that handles ALL the stuff related with the FullScreen mode, replacing HUDs, Resizing them -if necessary- (Scale() proc would help there...).

As it is fullscreen, you can, by example, resize the huds to 16x16 if you use a really low resolution (All handled by codes, I know it is possible, I did it already...) and them place them just editing pixel_x/pixel_y to make them look similar as if they were still 32x32 icons.

Full Screen may hurt you? Yes, if it is not used properly and it has glitchs. A well designed FullScreen Interface has alot of potential, and alot of games are now implementing that.

@Raimo: I can design an interface, am not that imaginative nor good at it since am a programmer, but I have worked alot with them. If you want a FullScreen interface I could help you.
Even if you want or not my help, add me on pager; Neo Rapes Everything
Ss4gogeta0 wrote:
here ya go... 5647046717_32589cfafd_b.jpg

you like the example?

I mean an actual interface.
well cant help ya there... I prefer the standard interface to all the Newfangled ones... brings back memories