I could make it transparent for you guys, if you'd like (: Send me a Page..
Make what transparent? I already have a program that can do transparencies, GIMP2. (:
I find Byondling kind of offensive o.o I'd much prefer being called a BYONDawan because I'm not quite a BYONDling anymoreish. Sorry to troll, but my boat's in my garage >.<

@ Last line I posted: "what?"

I'm kicking myself for missing the 3rd fan mark : (

@ CSS:
I'm not digging the checkerboard pattern, it's a bit distracting and makes it difficult to read as my mind is playing checkers. How about also mixing the background up instead of every box sharing the same background?

I love the new Byondcast icon and the scrolling words above the page are excellent. Great job DMCast n' Crew!
I like the CSS.
I like the CSS. The moving message is cool, but a little hard on the eyes. Maybe make it stop when you hover over it?
Lucky for Membership ;)
@Addmelol - Yes we are very lucky and we are very thankful to Teka!
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Unclicked links on the background are white and difficult to see.

I've enjoyed all the episodes so far, keep it up!
I noticed these issues as well. I will try to fix them and if I cannot they will be fixed on Saturday when Oasis gets back.
are the links in the "thanks to" section [a href="http://wwww.byond.com/[member]"][derp][/a] As sometimes not having the http:// will give you those extra links...
The links have been fixed! Thank you, EnigmaticGallivanter. Also, the white text that couldn't be seen so well have been changed! I hope you like the colors.
;) Which game you're thinking to do.
I'd like to see something like Dungeon Master be attempted.
Well there isn't an event this week... so there won't be any game play.
@Neblim: I'm actually working on a simplified white black blue version. Trying to get it right. ):
I liked it better when it was just the BYOND logo with that little microphone in front of it.
EmpirezTeam wrote:
I liked it better when it was just the BYOND logo with that little microphone in front of it.

I second that notion
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