Hello and Welcome Aktolings,

I hope you enjoyed my little episode while Gary was.. erm.. tied up. It's not much but I figured you guys wanted more episodes so I took over for the week.

Well.. yeah!
Thanks for watching! There will be more episodes to come! Have fun? What else do I write in these things.. I love you.

Show that BYONDling love, true BYONDlings. -nay
You... love... me...?
We should get married pronto.
<3 Music
<3 Gameplay
<3 Cool voice acting
</3 lvls over 9000
</3 narto frog
</3 training for lvl up
What breaks it for me?

Story. If the premise is stupid, I won't play.

Unless of course it's an MMO, since they don't have much story element other than the quests. If that's the case, then if you're an MMO and you don't have depth in character creation, like appearance and skills, I probably won't play.

Games I gave up due to shitty Story: Crysis 2. Amazing game but the story just dropped off form me about halfway through the game.
There I fixed it! :D

@ComplexRobot - Lol!
and I/m okay with being loved by Akto, so long as he doesn't ram his ovipositor down my throat and lay eggs in my stomach... but he's not an alien!
@Bravo1 - Orly? Maybe, I am!
Games just need to be entertaining and interesting, in my opinion.

I also like feeling like what I do in the game matters later.
I like to feel that my actions throughout the game will determine the outcome.

You said you had something you wanted to talk about with me? I sent you a message but you never responded. o__o
I also paged you. You never responded either :P

Maybe pager issues?
All games, I like them a lot more when they're online. For example, I can't really play games on a console unless I'm playing online. Main reason I've stuck around BYOND is to finally make a successful game the ability to chat to people around the world. I really like the ability to talk to and meet new people around the world.

I hate games that are to easy. I hate going on a game and being able to finish it in a very short period of time, they get boring really quickly for me.
nay -1
@ Fugs - :D
The marquee is way too slow now.
Fugs+Akto: nay -1

How is that Fugs!?
yea +1 >:D
You are not a true BYONDling, good sir. :3
Now it's too fast :)
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