Akto wrote:
You are not a true BYONDling, good sir. :3

I was only trolling D:

I didn't actually hit, yea, I promise >:O
@ Yusuke - I know I was trollin you! XD
Not fair! IMAD
Mwuahahaha my evil epicness is taking over your mind!
nea 1
Well, thank you for mentioning Naruto VS! You won't be disappointed ^_^.
I finally got the chance to listen.

Some critique.
1. Being that it was only you, it could have used a bit more humor to keep it interesting.
2. Some of the subjects you chose were kind of uninteresting, such as Cyberlord's 'GFX' skillz. I also didn't like how you named off everything that you'd be talking about. That's a little -too- planned out.
3. Could have ditched the anime...

And to answer the question.
What makes or breaks a game for me is actually the story. Unless I'm playing with other people, game-play is less important to me than a solid story-line with good character development. I want to get an emotional response from the games I play. That aside, game-play and presentation never hurt either. In fact, I think they're extremely important.
Why did this seem like some long advertisement for several things?
I demand a re-record!

lol, JK. Though I would like to hear another byondcast chat sometime soon, maybe Fugsnarf can be in on it again?

OC isn't here to tell you "No"! XD
Gary will be in the next one again, and I might be as well.
When was he coming back, Saturday?

Edit: herp-derp, it's on the banner
@EG - It sounded like that because I can't exactly have a discussion with myself.

Also, this was just my attempt to keeping the BYONDcast weekly.. while Oasis was away.
You did great, Akto! Don't listen to me or anyone else. *thumbsup*
With such short podcasts, I'll second the removal of topic definitions from the introduction. I had a professor who wasted half of each class before teaching anything. ;)

That's not what a true byondling does! it's *thumbsdown* remember!?
;) Great bro
Wooh Akto, though, I'm a little worried about your love, considering you caged OC. I liked the episode, there's not much to critique because it was solo, and I thought it was good anyways.

Q & A: I agree with a few comments below that bad storylines break a game for me. I often try sequels where they make it "just cus" and the storyline suffers, and half the time I never beat the game. I also think multiplayer games should be playable single player, I don't like forced parties because of difficulty.
Megablaze wrote:
I also think multiplayer games should be playable single player, I don't like forced parties because of difficulty.

You have a talent for this casting thing, but by god drop the 'BYONDling' thing. BYONDers is so much less cheesy.
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