New version with a slough of new stuff, fixes, changes, additions, etc!

Ver 1.0
-Added Map: Jungle
-Added Tank Engine sounds
-Added Ambient Battle sounds (does not work with volume controls, will fix soon)
-Added Treadmarks
-Added randomized names for AI
-Added randomize AI responses.
-Added a menu button tot he top right. Specifically for opening the menu without "ESC"
-Added "Objective" tab. This displays and describes the gametype.
-Added "Tank" tab. This displays and describes your current tank setup.
-Added "last killed" and "last killed by" to "Stats" tab
-Fixed the bug that caused "" error output
-Changed default color to green.
-Changed color pick from buttons to a cycling list.
-Changed the Scoreboard from a label to a grid. Works/looks better this way. It also includes colored text and grouping based on team.
-Changed how bullets interact with the environment. They no longer collide with friendly tanks, and they can pass over some terrain the tanks cannot. (ex: Water)
-Changed the way kills and deaths show up. You are no longer alerted and are instead displayed "last killed", and "last killed by" in stats.
-Changed how chat appears in the output window. Team color is now clearly defined.
-Removed Menu degbugging calls that I accidentally left in.
-Removed serveral elements from the "Stats" tab, such as turret, chassis, special, etc. Those are now displayed in the "Tank" tab, and are further described.

As you can see the game is starting to get more and more polished, thanks to a few good suggestions (mainly by ACWraith) I think the game is getting better by the day.

The only thing I can say I wish I could have done, but couldn't, was to make the new scoreboard semi-transparent, as it would have allowed a sort of death-cam mode.

I will however be working on a new gametype and at the very least, a spectator mode that will allow you to switch between mobs and just sit back and watch the show (which would be very helpful should the game ever be included in an event).

So, let me know what you guys (and gals) think! =)
You said tell you what we think so he tried to be clever and make a joke which went over your head(not that I can blame you)

I think turrent aiming is bugged. I find myself moving the mouse but my turrent doesn't move at all.
It's a bug with byond it seems. For some reason if your mouse is inside a map control, javascript and byond have big issues.

I've submitted a bug report and it's been confirmed by two other members. Hopefully it's something that can be fixed and not just another one of those "sorry that's just how it works" things. (ex: window transparencies)
So I still can't play Tanx >: (

Why Byond? I only want my Tanx... T.T
I love you (no homo)
D'Awww, thanks.

Anyways, if you guys hare having mouse problems go Here: BYONDHelp?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=3309

Make sure that the mouse lag only occurs when the cursor is over the map, if that's the case then it may possibly be a byond bug. Leave your system information only if it occurs when the cursor over the map.

(If it happens everywhere then it could just as easily be bad coding on my part)
I love you (yes homo)
Ewwwww o__o
good job man