Shinobi Online releases Friday, August 26
All that's left to do is set skill point requirements for the skills and it'll be ready to go! Here is what you will be experiencing;

1: 10 story missions and 1 repeatable quest
2: 8 types of elemental techniques and 7 clans to choose from.
3: A fully functional skilltree system
4: a complete tutorial that teaches the basics of the game
5; a sword system (only seen in BonE manipulator clan at the moment)
6: an event system that currently features 3 events(slayer, team slayer, capture the flag)

What to expEct after release

1: several more story missions and quests
2: several clans to be added
3: more events
4 passive skill tree

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Ill check it out when it's up.
Finnal Been waiting for this game