Naruto: Grand Shinobi Journey

by Tobi Uchiha
Naruto: Grand Shinobi Journey
Choose Your Clan, Create Your Adventure, Enjoy The World Of Naruto In An Interesting Way.

Level Tournament: Remember to ask about level tournaments. Be advised this is a fight to the Death!

Rank Requirements: (Kage), be atleast (Special Jounin) or higher. A.N.B.U, be atleast (Chuunin) or higher. (Elite Jounin), be atleast (Chuunin) and have your village's Kage grant you this special rank, or an Administrator will be able to help you. (Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure), Must be atleast (Chuunin) or (Special Jounin). You must fight a member of the Organization depending on the Member you fight will determine if you will get recruited. Last but not least (Akatsuki), be atleast Special Jounin or higher. You but be able to defeat one of the members to get in, be warned they are powerful member of the Missing Organization.

Naruto: Grand Shinobi Journey appeciates your visit! Please enjoy what we bring to our game and always remember HAVE FUN!!!!!!
big update tonite or tomorrow we willl b hostin our update addin nin tai,new stuff to the uchiha clan,addin clay owl, if we have 20+ ppl on today we will a chuunin exam if we 25+ we will start givin kage to ppl
vote me for .......
Why you using google pics for GUIs? lol
This game is COOOOOOOOOLL!
Looking for a 24/7 host comment if this interests you.
If the host needed, i could do it 24/7. Contact me: