Mouse Position

by Forum_account
Mouse Position
Provides a way to get pixel-precise mouse coordinates.
On another note: mouse positioning can be done on the client side much like icon procs, if they decide to actually support it.
Hiro the Dragon King wrote:
It seems that Tom and LummoxJR need to get over themselves and include both the mouse functionality (especially considering the coming Flash client and pixel-based movement) and an included browser engine. Relying on the client's configuration without being able to know it is backwards and annoying.

This feature would be incredibly helpful too. I think they just don't have the game development experience to be able to see the potential in a feature. With object rotation and better mouse support you could make a good top-down shooter very easily. With built-in pixel movement, you'd still need object rotation and better mouse support to make the game.

P.S. I enjoyed the library. A very clever solution, indeed.

Thanks! Conceptually I like the JavaScript solution better, I just don't like BYOND's inconsistent support of JavaScript =)
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