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I haven't really talked to anyone about anything Paths of Four related in quite a while. Being so, here is a news update.

The old faction symbols are out. They look completely TERRIBLE compared to what I am capable of now. The new symbols will be far more detailed and have better structures than before. For comparison, I will post the old Decorum symbol along side the new one.

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Old on the left, new on the right

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And the Amiac symbol. New left, old right.

These are only a few of the graphical revamps I have done for existing content for the game. The interface is being re-organized, and in a similar fashion to the Ninja Chronicles HUD.

I have never posted anything to the BYOND public about the story, even though it's been written for months, but now I will.

In a dark, filthy, disorganized room, four figures bent over a strange, blinking material. The more wise of the group held up a vial containing florescent purple liquid. The three others looked to the other in anticipation. With a violent flick of the arm, the figure holding the vial crushed it onto the blinking material. The room filled with light, and a high pitched screech echoed off the stone walls. Clutching their ears, the four figures made for the door, stumbling over tables and chairs from lack of sight. Shadows bounced from every angle. The light went out, leaving the four back to back, weapons drawn. Red eyes peered at them from every crevice in the room. With a silent signal, the four burst into a beautiful, violent, dance of techniques. The shadows were too many.

With the chaotic Realm of Alchemy opened to the world, the four had to make a decision. They could leave the beings of Earth to ruin, or train them in their ways of combat. Being deities, they chose the latter.

Those of brutal blood, willing to leap into a fight with little caution trained with Rothe, God of the warriors.

Those of stealth, capable of abusing shadows to hide their figure trained with Arese, Goddess of the rogues.

Those with quick reactions and toned ability trained with Veyndil, God of the scouts.

Those wise beyond comprehension, capable of tying elements to their mana, trained with Magtheera, Goddess of the mages.

As the Four trained the beings of Earth, they noticed significant loss of their combat abilities, as they gave small parts in order to grant ability. Their power nearly diminished, the deities summoned the beings of Earth to a council.

The Four explained the issue of the Alchemical Realm and the reason for training. Many had differing opinions.

Those who favored Ekressa, Goddess of Order, formed Decorum, and vowed to help the Four in fighting the Alchemy at whatever cost. Those in Decorum were Humans and Elves.

Those who favored Grash, God of Discord, formed Ataxia, and vowed to bring down the Four for their incompetence. Those in Ataxia were Humans and Drow.

Those who favored Faeroun, God of Neutrality, formed Amiac, and vowed to help no side, but should things get out of hand, they would step in and stop the fighting, no matter the side. Those in Amiac were Humans and Gnomes.

The Factions went their separate ways, and the chaos soon ensued.

That is the full story behind Paths of Four.
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Decorum ... Hehe... i always thought that was a strange name even till now. Guess you had the idea to use it many many months ago o.o. Lookie what i found from last year:
Yea, I have had a large portion of this game planned for a long time.

Wow, that screenshot brings back some memories. :)
New Decorum symbol is now done.
Added a preview of the Amiac symbol.
Lige wrote:
Both symbols look great. Good job!

Thanks. :)

Hmm... seems like people aren't interested in the game. Kind of ironic, really. NC gets tons of dislikes because of it not being "original", but as soon as I tell about an entirely original project no one bothers to say anything at all.

Symbols look awesome, and I love the story. Can't wait to play ^_^
Wow, sounds awesome. I like the storyline, and the factions symbols look great.
Wow , awesome you could make your own anime from this , cant wait till its done and up .
-SIGH- My hate for Crazah is at it's highest. Its seems he has discontinued the game, again. After making you give it up. Any change of getting it back? Everyone loved it dearly, and reborn was so promising.
Ok, Awesome. I dunno, thought this was the quickest way to reply to you, and goodluck! They look amazing. Heh, I talked to some of the people I used to play with on another game and we spent about a hour discussing how we miss it.
I meant to ask about this bout i thought you might of decided not to do PoF. I remembered you said someing about it after you left ne <--(with lowercase becuz its not important lol) love the orignal story its going to be wonder.