Well I have Decided that i really cannot program, But i have a vague idea of art, So i'm going to try and dedicate my time to that instead when i can, here's some of the icons i have done within the last couple of days for my game.

Sado's Blast.
V1 V2 V 3

Inoue Fairy.

A Blast!
V1 V2 V3
Another Blast!
V1 V2 V3

Fire slash

Beam Thing!
V1 V2 V3

Just an Arrow.

Quincy Prison Technique.

Inoue Heal.

Inoue shield.


Disclaimer: the Awfulness of these icons is due to the individual who is creating the icons.

Anyway i'm not the greatest pixel artist, I Really cannot do detail/shading and i have no idea or understanding of using a light source etc, Also most of my icon will consists of 5 colors or less. lol

How do they look, any Advice? want to troll me :)? feel like telling me exactly where i fail?

I'm trying my best but it doesn't seem to be very good lol.
O_O nice for the attack and first
I think they look pretty nice. I mean they could be better don't get me wrong, but they do what they need to do and they look better than the average pixel art most people produce. =] Good job. Perhaps you should give an example of the art work in the game though, to show if the icons you made match well with the game, and then people can give you hints or tips on how to match it better. Just a suggestion.
if your working on an anime game there is no real demand for shading,Cel-shading is a great technique and only calls for 2 or so variants of a certain color. 190171-1040478200200212219_large.jpg

Everything seems beauitful except the blackish red blast and the Inoue Shield stuff. But you could become an excellent pixel artist or spritter if you tried, Teka.

I believes in you <3
They look good, you just need to learn how to do detail.
They are nice. They really could be better. All you need is a bit more features to them. I like the Quincy Prism one though. And your arrow is perfect. But with the Quincy prism when its at its end you could add like a Transparent state to show the person. Remember, Alpha is Transparency. You can edit the whole picture by switching to it (if you did not know though).

Sado Blast- Add a bit more color and a bit slightly darker. Scroll up and look at the CSS Guild Icon on the left side of your page. That shade of blue is sufficient for a Sado Blast. It looks fine right now but to make it better you could give it a shade to add its curving.

Inoue Fairy- If this is the Fairy ATTACKING then you get a 8/10. If it's just the fairy itself then I have no idea what you are thinking bro. Lol.

A Blast!-Nice colors. Nice. But the grey in the front... Make it a bit closer to red. A blast is not formed by two colors usually. It's mostly heat sometimes or energy from a persons soul is some cases. If so, their energy color wouldn't be two different colors. It makes the blast become curious.

Another Blast!- The train for this blast... Just make it shrink out as it gets farther and add like.. that wind trail on the left and right side of the blasts tips to show that it's going at super speed. Currently the blast looks fine but the trail being only one thing gets boring after looking at it for a while.

Beam Thing!- Color the inside. It's great and all but you need to go a bit more in to shading details for curves. Like you said, you only use 5 colors or less. Great. That's all you need here. About 3 or 4 colors. Go from light to dark to light. Dark = Core(Center). Light= Edges. Want to get into more details? As the beam gets farther away it can get lighter too. As if it were losing its Energy.

Fire Ball Thing!- Save it! Great! just cut somewhere near the edge of the balls tail and make it into an actual 360 Ball. Then add the tail back to the end of the ball. This what it looks like a real fireball! You're doing great by the way.

Just An Arrow- Good. Nothing needed to say here. Just the fact that I like this very much.

Quincy Prison Technique- Add a bit of transparency at the end of this animation so you can see through and observe the player beneath it.

Inoue Heal and Shield- Just make it so you can see the person. Add transparency. No need to color besides making 2 pixels of an outer edge which is a bit lighter than the center
Good luck, Tim!
Looks good man. You have a natural knack for art. Don't give up and keep at it.
Good work on the art. :D

That is one area I still need to work on personally.
Nice job Teka, I like the cartoon-ish style of pixel art, especially for a Bleach game. I like the first three the most out of what you have posted.
Dude this looks really impressive. Great animation work, just work on the fire a bit but other than that amazing.
looks good.

on a side note: did you modify the CSS on my page because it's broken now for some reason o__o

specifically, the background image no longer scrolls with the page.
1. Quincy Prison Technique.
2. Another Blast!
3. Sado Blast
4. Just an arrow

~TruRatings -(*TR*)-
I like it, your style is very child like lol, kinda like u got hold of a pixel crayon, not that it's a bad thing it looks really good just needs detail.
everyone emphasizing on the need for detail should consider individual style first.not every piece of art needs detail crammed into it.

That's one my favorite pixel artist. if you look at his gallery,youd notice that his sprites lack "detail"(going by the definition used here) Anyway, Teka I say keep doing what you're doing, if you feel comfortable with it keep on it. once you get the concept and shading it would be easy to develop a style of your own.

Color usage and a sense of lighting is very important.
Your talking about a different type of detail to me, the pictures you showed had little special effect but were still defined. Wen i say detail i mean the art needs to be more defined as a lot of it could be mistaken for something it's not, but with practice he could definitely(probably with relative ease)solve this.
Looks good! Just a little more "shading" to some of them("A Blast!" for example) (: .
I think they're all quite good for someone that hasn't been doing art for a very long time, you also mispelled 'amazing' for CSS skills ;]
Thank's for all the support comments and guidance etc. :)

Well i have just uploaded V2's of various icons which i have spent a good few hours trying to Improve with detail and use of more colors and according to the suggestions.. and i think i've done a botched job as usual.:(

The Inoue things and Quincy prison are actually transparent :) but when i turned them into Gifs they became a solid color.

Thanks again everyone.

Oh and Zane! i Really want to lean how to do cell shading :(, i really can't seem to learn anything.

Asa that's not true otherwise your CSS would be awesome by now :P

Bravo your css is ok now :)?

I guess that's why i could never program ever though i re read the Dm guide several times.
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