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*Gives Ketchup his autograph*

"This goes out to the fifth lucky member to have been third fanned by Truseeker. -Tru"
You're lucky number three :)
What sort of color scheme?
I'm about to re-post my request with the new layout and more information =).
Err fancy making me layout manager.
Of course.
Can I host FTHA? My B-day is soon! :D
I'm hoping to have a downloadable version up soon so anyone can host =).
Hey ketchup glad you like this :D

Though the first version was slightly glitched lol!

Look at one of your blog posts and you'll see the issue lol.

you can see the fix in the post.
I fixed it =).
How can I move my title farther to the right?
Hey ketchup you mean the title of your page :O? if so

Add this:

.page_header .title {

Should be what you need of course not sure if the number i entered was correct though :P
Thanks, it ended up being about 110px. You have any suggestions on where to find a good avatar? Or what mine should be?
how about this :

Ketchup Kid
lol not bad, if I ever become an artist I'll draw a nice cartoony Ketchup Kid =D.
Can you add this to your css ?
I'm not 100% sure if it'll work.

#blog_comments_box .comment_edit_box textarea {
The rank, "fan", is far off. lol :P
You're right. Pretty big assumption that someone is a "fan" just because they clicked the Follow button. Changed it to follower.
The rank is several inches right of the followers box.
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