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Registration at (without chat.php youll be taken to the home page, the only page with massive ads.) is fixed. Though, this is the site registration. Since we have a new interface we had to integrate the login system. It was tricky because of some bugs but it works out. We also added a chat system. Click the [+] button to register for a chat account also. The next update that we are working on is the Hosting Site. Currently I am freely hosting games for people for the slight cost that you only allow all players to visit my site upon login and logoff. There are advertisements on the home page which will give me good revenue. If it succeeds then all hosting will be free for only this cost and to remove this from your game you only have to pay me. That is my plan. So stay tuned for more news on the hosting services. Just a reminder, I AM hosting for free so long as you let me integrate a code that forces players to see my site upon login and logoff! Or, you can pay as another solution! See you guys later.
But will it blend?
Will what blend?