Dragonball Online Destiny

by Tadahshi
Dragonball Online Destiny
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Owner: Tadahshi, Ziddy99
Co owner(s):
Retired GM: PeinZenzo


1: No Spam/Abuse
2: Don't Curse
3: Don't Ask for Administrator or Enforcer.
4: Stupidity is Punishable
5: No Porn Links or Sexual Activity
Gm Rules

1: Do Not Abuse Your Powers
2: Do Not Change Names without Permission
3: Do Not Take Your Anger Out on Players
4: Don't edit anyone unless you have a reason
5: Just because you're GM. Doesn't mean you don't have to follow the player rules.

Coder: Tadahshi, Ziddy99
Iconner: Tadahshi
Mapper: PeinZenzo, Tadahshi
Hub Designer: Tadahshi
GFX: Ziddy99
Hub Design: Tadahshi

Credits to PeinZenzo for his Contribution to the Progress. Thank you.

Copyright All rights reserved. Dragonball Destiny Online 2011 Dragonball Destiny Online is made by fans for fans, all credits and ideas used except our own original ones belong to their own respectful owners.

This is going to be a DBZ Sidescroller with major help from Dragondecend.
When you hosting this? Looks great.
Great? Nah. It's just another mindless rip. But now I actually have some information in programming I may make a drastic edit it to it and put it up sometime. I REALLY need a Shell though, think you could direct me to a place, Reem? :)
Yes. Use this.
His hosting is very cheap.
Give it a look and see if you like it. If not, I can get you a 24/7 hoster.
Free of charge. I would host it myself, but I'm not into hosting at the time being.
Oh, wow. Thanks. I used his hosting before you actually suggested it, but if he didn't tell me himself you would have helped out alot. Thanks. :)
Np. Anytime you need help just call.