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Hey guys its been a long while since I last posted a blog update about Fantasie and due to art being slow we've been able to focus on some more important details of the game and that would be the classes.

Being that there are 33 unique classes in Fantasie and each class splits down into 3 sub classes. There are a total of 99 unique paths characters can choose from ranging from the generic swordsman to the brute Ice Assassin. So from today until 32 days from now or until we release I shall be posting a small snippet of each class and some information regarding it and its branches. So let's get this party started and get this class rolling.

Class Difficulty - Easy

The powerhouses of all that is RPG, Swordsmen are capable of some extremely powerful strikes and attacks and are widely known for their unique self buffs and tanking abilities. We don't deviate much from this path in Fantasie. Swordsmen are for the Soloist who love to play by themselves or start with a class of low difficulty. They split off into three branches.

Brute - Broadsword

Players who choose the Brute Branch will find themselves wielding a very powerful yet sluggish weapon. The broadsword. This weapon is capable of dealing massive damage with a single blow, however it is the slowest attacking weapon in the Swordsmen Class. Their skills revolve around negating their oppositions power with their own and destroying them with pure well Brute Strength. Their passives help further increase their effectiveness by raising their Might or Attack Power and increasing their overall Vitality to last in fights longer. Their limited range however and slow attack speed might turn off potential wielders of this otherwise powerful weapon. This class functions as your general Tank.

Generic - Katana

Players who choose the Generic Tree come to equip the Katana a weapon of skill and valor. The Balanced of the three Swordsmen Branches, those who choose the Katana will enjoy moderate power and attacking speed. It's weaker than the Broadsword but much faster to attack with. It's also slower than the Dual Blades but has much stronger strikes behind it. Unlike their counterparts Katana wielders have a unique ability to heal their Vitality faster than the normal player simply by standing still even when under the effects of a status affliction that negates natural regeneration. Their passives focus on increasing their stats enough for them to be suitable tanks as they can simply heal away any damage they take, being a Generic Tree they are also given the unique ability of Stack-able Gains through their passives putting them on even ground later in the game with their counterparts. However those who choose the Generic Tree give up on the starting boost to their stats that Brute or Control would have gotten.

Control - Dual Blades

Finally the Control Branch or Speed Branch of the Swordsmen class. Able to wield two small blades is a gift that comes naturally to this branch and allows them to attack with an unnatural quickness that is only rivaled by lightning. Despite having the lowest attack power, the Control Branch is able to attack faster than any of the other branches stacking the damage on faster than the other branches would. They are also capable of inflicting status afflictions faster and more thoroughly than the other branches just because of the amount of times they can attack before the other branches can. Their passives and skills include many counters that can negate an opposing force and retaliate with an equal or greater force of power. They work best against other physical attackers, but can hold their own against ranged attackers as well with their counters. They serve as the mixed range of the Swordsmen Class and can prove to be effective DPS. However unlike the other Branches their power doesn't increase by very much and if they do not end their opponent fast they can be in for some serious trouble.

Hoping you enjoyed today's Class Session, I'll post another one tomorrow describing the Archer class. Also Fantasie is still looking for Artist to make clothing, it is a paid job and the pay will be good seeing that the base has 30+ states and the clothing is somewhat colorful.

Contact Information: [email protected]

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Im down if there's pay. Add me [email protected]
Cubanbling wrote:
Im down if there's pay. Add me [email protected]

I have Trolled your CSS.
Best CSS ever XD
Great read and nice CSS :D. with 33 classes id like to see how you manage to keep them from being too similar :)
This is awesome.
Zane444 wrote:
Great read and nice CSS :D. with 33 classes id like to see how you manage to keep them from being too similar :)

Yeah its KILLING me trying to make them all unique. Its not impossible but its killing me. But don't worry it will be done.