Keywords: prism, ui
The image below illustrates the first draft of some of Prism's UI elements. The majority of elements will be embedded in individual windows with transparent backgrounds. The user will have control over the position and scale of each element, accessed by the UI editor.

The buttons on the bottom are for the system menu, not the action bar. Action bars in Prism will be independent from the rest of the UI, since this tends to be the most player-specific element. The action bars will be able to be configured in any grid/array that the player chooses

Also, although the game budget has increased dramatically, hiring a professional pixel artist for this project is unreasonable. After receiving quotes from multiple professionals, we decided that we will be using stock 3D models instead. The models will be rendered isometrically to create sprite sheets. That said, we will need to commission a 3D modeler for a few small tasks. We are looking for somebody who can transpose the animations from one armature onto another. Also, we need somebody who can modify armor that is meant to fit a male body, to fit a female model.
Looks hot. Who's on the team?
I think Sonder would be interested in making the 3D models. I'll point him this way.
Team is just me. I just use the word "we" when posting on the blog because I am speaking for my game design company.
If you need any other programmers I can be of assistance.
Thanks, Zalton. I'll keep that in mind if I get overloaded.
I forgot to mention, I do music as well.
Zaltron wrote:
I forgot to mention, I do music as well.

Cool! Me too:

We should collaborate on something sometime.
I like jew. I like jew lots. Good job and good luck.
Sonder wrote:
I am a 3D Modeler. I will help you for free to a point.

Skype: patrick3ds

Sonder, I'll be getting in touch with you shortly. If you can help me with what needs to be done, you will be paid.