Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Banned by host:
Reason: Terrible RP erry day, Annoying the intire server, His notes ask why he is not banned anyway, Worst Player Ever.
By: snipersarah
i am not the worst player in space station 13 how dare you insult me by that and im decent at role play and next time for not rage kill me from it and rage ban me and next time do not punish me for not shutting up dn complimenting my friends at least i did not out right insult them you are one of the worst admins i have seen and if you want to know i am a decent space station 13 player and in the long term treat it as a game not like real life in to some aspects all ways treat this like game and im the one who dose not know English am i 'RP ery ' , intire ' someone needs to look at there English anyway to the point which admins like me on that server i know one dose and this is not a rage post this is a response
dont spark a reaction from me then i am perfectly fine anyway and last i checked at least i did not grief or broke many of main server rules i did not meta game and i did not to my knowledge and i would like to see my player logs thank you its not my fault everyone wanted to spark a negative reaction out of me
Two things:
First, I like Sniper Sarah. I think she's a good admin.
Second, which character did you play on the server?
But really if it was an unfair ban don't you think someone would of complained or tried to stop it from happening.
WEEEELLLLLL THAT DOESNT LOOK GOOD FOR RATACA I like sniper sarah and i agree your a good player but stil dont go right out and post it on forums suck it up and find a new server
Or go to Baystation Gibbed.
and ten all of his old rping buddies came to laugh at him
I believe gibbed is that way,
take the next right, no not that one
yeah, there you go.
i play on gibed sometimes :)
What station is Sniper Sarah form, I've never met her?
'someone needs to look at there English anyway'

Sarah is a good admin,since i nearly got banned from her (obviously her) because i just jumped naked to the speesss,since there was no opinion to do so
Anyways,youve got to watch what shit you're doing on serious servers like this,im not saying you're BAD player or worst shit ever,im just saying that serious RP server fun relies on something different then on goon,like trolling/griefing and that,since goon/gibbed servers doesnt give a single parental fuck about when some part of station blows up,until half station is blown up,and that is wrong,that makes goon bad server,aswell their badmins,they dont give a single Junky fuck,and thats 100% why i dont play there,My only server where i play is Deathtrap alium,because that is only server where you can find game for what SS13 was truly meant,and sometimes barely Sandbox server,im trying to not be idiot,mainly,trolling in any way is not really fun,i remember you from server,but all i remember,was that not much people liked you,i dont know why since,but the mainstream servers are just fucked up pile of junk shit,its truth,unplayable,either you get griefed in few minutes,rounds on EVEN extended counts here to 10 minutes MAX,and this just proves how low quality are those server are..

Sarah is good admin,Deathtrap alium is good server,but you have to watch what you're doing...
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I play both types but you cant get more serious than Hypatia. Alium is just filled with "ERP" and white listing sec and Heads is a stupid idea.
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All so some of the goon Admins are nice. :) You just have to get used to how its played.
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Rataca6060 wrote:
All so some of the goon Admins are nice. :) You just have to get used to how its played.

Did you just... Seriously.. Bump a topic that was 7-ish months old?

Goddamn it..
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Holy Necro batman!