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Really quick video on transitions. (:
@Megablaze: Baby steps, I haven't even made enemy AI yet! ;)
:| The empty room symbolizes the emptiness in my heart for the lack of a boss in the room.
@Megablaze: That empty room is my original physics testing room! (:
But I do like the look of having a boss in a flat room like that.
So is the game keeping the feel of Kid Icarus, or is it going to turn into more of a Cave Story game?
The thing with Kid Icarus is, it was a very very hardcore platformer that just added in enemies to make platforming harder. It also included no real story. ):
I guess there'd be more Cave Story-esque elements. You know, a story and stuff.
It looks amazing!
Keep it up, bro!
Also, regarding the last blog post and the convos with the heart barriers, I'm sure you already have it all planned, but I'm throwing my suggestion out there anyways. You could create a challenge mode of sorts, you can think of it like Boss Rush in Castlevania games.

The idea is when your in the menu, you can do a No-Hit challenge. You'd select a section of the game you've passed in Story mode, and you would have to pass the area without getting hit, and it would restart if you get hit. Once you succeed, your reward would be given to your character, which could then be used in Story mode.
Kid Icarus had an amazing story, the story of don't get hit by the eggplant wizard because he's a huge tool.

I just meant it in the platforming sense though.
I don't really think we need that many layers to the game. Especially without the current story-mode of the game being completed. It's going to take a LOT of work even after all the systems are done. (But that's the fun work. d:)

I really like the idea of the heart barriers, I've seen it work very well in platforming games and I'm willing to take a shot at it myself as I think it'd bring a lot to the platforming aspect of receiving benefits in the game.
Win, basically a Kid Icarus game with a different interface, story, and characters.