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So I've been working on this thing for a while now, this video features floating enemies and knockbacks with the potato cannon. I also changed the world pixel size to 64, the launcher looks much smoother in it's icon states and animations for the future will be much nicer.

This is using the updated sidescroller library and honestly the only problem I'm having is a bug that limits your height to 32, this character is 48, so it's a bit troublesome. Progress will be slows, but I'm doing what I can.

Why is progress slow? I have a full time job now. I'm working as an IT tech for nice little company and I'm getting paid pretty well so don't expect me to not go to work. The problem with the work is that it requires me to do some at-home research so it's a little tough to work on all this at once. I am definitely losing sleep, going on about 4-5 hours a day now. Oh well.

As for Tanx, I'm taking a break from it. Why? I'm not really keen to work on it until all the kinks are worked out with pixel movement, this game I'm working on in the meantime only has the one issue, but ever since the update Tanx has been plagued my many issues. I also understand that the new mouse detection is becoming troublesome, while it works for everyone it works poorly over the network and on slower computers. Not only that but the AI pathfinding is not doing so well with the built in procs so I'm going to have to wait until it's incorporated into the library somehow. I would make a fix myself,but it's F_A's baby and I don't want to mess with it too much, I've already got tons of overrides going on.

If anyone could help by letting me know of a simplified javascript command for just finding the mouse position on the designated map, I would be grateful. I understand that HDKMouseKeys does this, but it also does a bunch of other things that I don't really need it to do, so simplification is the key. I'd also like to make it something that I code in myself s it'd help me understand how to use it better.

As for the game above, I may as well tell you the name if you haven't heard it or figured it out already. The game is called Chasm and it focuses around the adventure of a "fognaught" (the people in this game world) as he tries to save his already decaying world from extinction. I'll warn you guys ahead of time that while this game is a platformer/shooter it will also be a survival based game. As your can see in the video the enemies can't currently be damaged. Most enemies will stay that way, but they will stop chasing you after some time. The games atmosphere will be dark and moody but will still occasionally feature brighter moments. I plan to make the first emotionally affective game on byond and it may be a stark contrast to a game like Tanx, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while. Please, let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts on anything that you've read so far.

Sorry for the huge walls of text, but I wanted to cover all my bases. Oh also, modified link colors to match my theme. If you think it's too bright/dark/annoying then let me know.

Someone made an entire game that uses only 64 pixels for the entire visible map.
Fuckin' A, I just wrote a ridiculously long post about how to optimize it and it went away... Bottom line: It's as optimized as I can make it and allow it to be modular. I can take your source and fit the library so that it's optimized for your particular game, if you'd like.
The only thing my project uses is the new sidescroller, so if you'd like I can just piggyback the mouse update off the movement() proc for clients.
Have you made any progress on this? I wasn't sure if you haven't been posting as many updates because you're busy and don't have time or because there's still an issue with the library.

It's nice to see someone else making a platformer =)