Just thought I'd make a quick post about Feval's new shop system.

Acorns are collected in matches and are then used to purchase things in the shop. Currently there is only a select few overlays to purchase, but in the future there will be a lot more to purchase.

The new Feval update is progressing very well! Stay tuned for more information on it.
I am deeply in love, Aaiko.
And so am i, This looks beautiful.
the shop owner wont believe a squirl took my nuts. can u ban him?
I third the notion of loving Aaiko. Homosexuality and being a stranger has nothing to do with this. Feval is an excellent game already. Right up there with NEStalgia and Decedence. With these new snazzy updates, you'll be at the top soon.

Good Luck~
needs more hats, you should also have unique hats like tf2 has and make it so they give u particle effects n stuff
Can't wait for the full release. :D
Good luck bro