This is just a little view into Spirit Age. Tell us what you think.
speechless and i need a new emote :O
Q.Q not too long ago we just had grass and trees :3
Zane444 wrote:
Q.Q not too long ago we just had grass and trees :3

i wanna see more D:
I like the Chocobo.
lol well yeah that bird mount looks brilliant, would we be able to mount them?

Game looks great so far, Has a sort of Victorian town feel about it.

Anyway good job so far and i'll keep an eye out for more :)
I'd really like to see this game actually finished, so don't give up on ot, looks good.
The art looks amazing but, the music made me look over my shoulder to make sure no one was going to kill me.
YAY chocobo! Yes mounts will be available to transverse the world,allow more loot to be carried and in some cases used to attack. As for the one in the town, no you wont be able to mount it as it's the mount of an NPC merchant.

Ive also been drawing some concept art of different species so I could talk about that a little later.

As of last week Ive been working mostly mapping.Progress is going extremely well considering how much we have when the game is barely Three(3) weeks old.

Keep up the good work!
Nice graphics and I love the GUI shown +1 fan.
Thanks 0.0 even though the current GUI are just placeholders
Heh, even so it's better than any game I have played on BYOND so far.
Why did you limt the the base to so few frames?
Im guessing your talking about the walk cycle. the base isnt 100% complete and i chose 4 frames for the time being. no overlays yet and wont be any until final stages of development so i'd say i have a lot of time to go back and polish.