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Hey everybody, I've been around on the BYOND for quite some years now under various keys, but i've just decided to get a membership to maybe start talking about my projects. Its been about two years since I've started my first game, Town Mall,(learning to program along the way, and constantly losing and regaining motivation) and i think it's gotten to a point where i want to perhaps start making some development blogs, as it might give me some more motivation.

Anyways, yeah i know, my blog page looks lame, but don't fret, i'm currently working on a stylesheet and some graphics to make this place hopefully look pretty cool.

See you all around!
Cool. Welcome.
The Town Mall game looks like an interesting concept and it also looks very polished.

Good luck.
Congrats on your membership!
Heyya46 wrote:
Congrats on your membership!

Welcome to BYOND. Hope you enjoy!
Well then have fun with your membership :D

Town mall looks really Good actually lol.
Thanks everybody. :)

join my guild, press follow on the left plox
Ryuk25 wrote:

join my guild, press follow on the left plox

Sure is you going around every blog begging for more followers.

There should be a rule against this, this and begging for memberships.
Welcome and congrats!
Congrats, nice CSS as well. xD