Nothing has really happened since I last posted, mainly because I haven't done much other than homework and sleep. But I'm finally back to where I'm 'comfortable' (no substantial amounts of missing assignments).

That being said, here's what I have planned for War Bots:
1.)New maps: expect like, 4 or 5 with initial release.

2.)More parts:
so far there are 73 parts.

9 (5 parts in each model) models, 12 operating systems, 16 guns

I guess I'll shoot for a nice 150 parts.
15 models, 30 operating systems, and 45 guns.

3.)Interface stuff:

The interface isn't all that great, I don't plan to actually make it prettier, because it's not even really done, I do plan to get rid of most of the default alert() input () boxes though. For instance when you're buying a part, it'll compare the stats of the bot that you have selected currently to the stats of it after adding the part. Then it'll highlight any enhanced stats green, and any reduced stats red. That would help, a lot, because I'm probably the only one who knows what parts contribute to your ideal bot.


Icon size: Right now I have the game's icon-size as 16, but resized to 32, so if your screen's not big enough you have a huge disadvantage against everyone else. I'll probably allow for it to be 16, and 24 (if it's not too nasty looking)

Room Master stuff: Right now the way room masters work is that the host is the room master, if he isn't logged on for a certain time it selects someone else to be the room master, if they take too long they get kicked, then the next person, so on, so on. Could be better.

Subscription stuff: Now that hosting capabilities are better, I can add some subscriber/BYOND member options that are unavailable to others (like higher server capacity, certain maps, certain modes, etc...)

Tokens: Right now I have it programmed in that you can buy things with "Tokens" or Credits. Tokens are basically a product of micro transactions. The biggest problem with them is that you can only get them from me, I was going to put the tokens in, but then I realized BYOND only has two settings for subscriptions: Subscribed and not subscribed. So I'll have to do some extra work to get that going. Everything can be bought with Credits, however you can only buy certain parts PERMANENTLY with tokens. You can still purchase certain parts for 5-10 hours at a time with credits.

Once all that's finished I'll probably be able to release War Bots for a public release and let you guys play it.

Since I find that setting deadlines gets me to get stuff done faster, I'm just going to say I'll have it done before the holiday season ends.