Well i have just re written my CSS for the Teka Co, Since it was a constant update and concoction of css snippets that i learnt and got the hang of using, Ended up causing it to have a few bugs which needed fixing.

Well it should be more compatible with other browsers now and it's written a lot neater too..

And somthing looks odd about it...
Lol :P
I like it.
:O my screen is rotated like 70 or someting
Hem o.O is it fucked or you maked it like that ?!
I like this.

haha neat
Lol i thought it was funny :P
All it needs is to go down a bit so I can access my all-powerful BYOND symbol button.
My poor eyes. Lawsuit.
Teka has finally lost it.
looks cool XD
Teka123 wrote:
Lol i thought it was funny :P

A moment's silence for Teka Co, lost in the Japan Earthquake incident.
Ha ha this is ridiculous.
Don't like the tilt lol.
There's a tilt!? I thought something was odd, hence my message in the blog post that something looked odd about it, but i couldn't figure out what it was!

Now that i know what it is, i'll go about fixing it!
It definitely loads faster.
Okey dokey i put it back to normal :)
much better.
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