O.o Ok he just took down the blog and the CSS is gone. Wtf? Making a new one?
Seymour i didnt take down my CSS ziddy took back membership i think O_o
no one can take back membership.This is weird
Dj dovis wrote:
no one can take back membership.This is weird

Yes they can Dj, Shows how much you know aye?
Lol wow. Doesn't surprise me. =/ You two have been hatin' for a while.
How can you take back a gift??
And what does he get the money back?
dj if you report it you can get it taken away and no he doesn't get any money back
Wow he must hate your ass. =/
why are you posting on my thing?
Why can't I?
cuz i say :o
REALLLLYYYY childish Mrfreak. >_>
i am a child omg
i'm 13 =D
Lol and I am 12. (Oops wrong person)
Omg I can't help myself Jc gave me his account info to make him a save file on a game, and now I can't stop. XD At least I am not doing anything bad...
THERE we go right person now. =P
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