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The BYONDcast is going to be hosting a bracketed community tournament of the BYOND classic Plunder Gnome made by IainPeregrine.

This tournament is SIGN-UP ONLY, meaning you must contact me by a day before the date of the tournament. The tournament will be held over the days of October 1st -> October 2nd (Because Sept 24-25 is the Game in a Day contest, also held by IainPeregrine) Any overflow days will be held throughout the week and perhaps during the weekend.

Brackets will be created by me, Oasiscircle in this fashion. First to come and sign-up are most likely to have a "bye" which means you advance without having to compete against another team. These will be rare, and only used if it is impossible to fit the amount of teams that sign up for the tournament.

The Rules
There will be absolutely zero hacking or cheating. If found, you will lose your position while your competition advances and you will be unable to join any further BYONDcast Contests/Tournaments in the future.
Determination of progression towards the Grand Prize will be determined in best-of-3 match-ups.
Disconnection will be dealt with in the following manner, only two disconnections per team will be allowed for a restart of a match-up. Any further disconnection will result in a forfeit.
After teams have been decided, you are not allowed to change teams. If you decide to leave your team, your team either forfeits or must find a new player not already on another team.
Unless with very good reason, joining a team and then leaving your team after brackets have been drawn or not showing up at the time you are scheduled to play may result in a ban from future BYONDcast tournaments. Please contact any of the BYONDcast if you do fall into a predicament so we may revise the brackets.
Any type of abusive verbal aggression towards other teams or players may result in a ban from BYONDcast tournaments and forfeiting of your matches. We're here to have fun.

How to Enter
Before entering, make sure you consider this list of things that you need to make sure your team is available for entry.

A Team Name for which you will be rostered under.
A total of 2-3 willing players that have all read these rules and agree to comply to them.
A designated email/IM/Skype/MSN address that you can be contacted at prior to your matches. It's preferable to have each member supply this.
Designate what type of prize you'd like to receive.

Now, down to the stuff that you care about, the prize list. So far, I can only pitch in about $20 for the grand prize. (Anyone that's willing to increase that amount I would love to talk with you.)
This cash can take the form of any of the following. Keep in mind, that you must make an agreement within your own team on how to spend your prize money:

1 Year BYOND Membership
$20 worth of (legal) BYOND Game Subscriptions.
$20 worth of Steam games. ):
$20 sent through PayPal. ):


2x 2 weeks of free shell hosting, courtesy of BYONDPanel. (:

I'd rather give you your prize money in BYOND Subscriptions or Memberships, because it benefits this amazing group of BYOND developers, game and language alike. (:

What will the BYONDcast be doing with these tournament games? We'll be live-casting each match-up and uploading them all separately on to our Youtube channel for future enjoyment and to ready yourselves for the future match-ups you'll have. (We'll try to upload each match right after it completes.)
The BYONDcast sadly will not be a team, we want to give other BYONDlings a fighting chance. ;)

Send it to all your friends and try to get a team together.

A note to true BYONDlings.
This tournament needs exposure. You can help by sending this to all your fellow BYOND friends.

Get a team together, and the best of luck to everyone. (:
Boo! BYONDcast wants to play! :D
Haha, we'll have plenty of work to do even without having to play. ;)
Never played before, I'd join if I could play it solo but I can't.
Why not round up the development team of Feed? They might want to play. (:
I was interested until I read that I couldn't cheat.
Me too! XD

Wait, Plunder Gnome still works?
That it does. I still love the game a lot! (:
The only map I think we'll not be using is the slippery map, because it is slightly broken. (you get caught on walls sometimes)

But other than that, every stage has been tested and approved. (:
August was last month. Did you perhaps mean October? =)
No, I mean next year. ;)
Wow, where is my mind. Thanks for that AC, perhaps you may be interested in getting a team together for a BYOND classic? ;)
Oh, this sounds fun.

If I can find people willing to be on a team with me, I may sign up.
That would be awesome! (:
Calus CoRPS wrote:
Oh, this sounds fun.

If I can find people willing to be on a team with me, I may sign up.

Let's do it.
It's a great idea. Good Luck with it, Gary~
Now instead of October you put November...

November 1-2 is a Tuesday/Wednesday
October 1-2 is a Saturday/Sunday so I assume you meant October.
If I could hit the damn edit button, I would change it. But it was meant to be Aktober.... I mean October.
O.O *Prize*

If any random guy wants a team mate, shoot me a digital envelop at my public email: [email protected]
lol Akto, I've never played, but if anyone wants to team up with me leave a comment on my blog.
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