EmpirezTeam wrote:
Calus CoRPS wrote:
Oh, this sounds fun.

If I can find people willing to be on a team with me, I may sign up.

Let's do it.

Team Cassie!

We need one more, though.
I'm in.
We might make a slight change to the amount of people you need per team.
You can now sign up with only 2 people on a team! (:
I commented on your site MegaBlaze. (I decided to leave the digital envelop on the Enter-wEbb)

I've never played til today, but the game is simple enough, get 5 radishes and bump into the house, repeat!
I so want in.
im in
Form your teams and contact me!
Akto, I sent you a team entry.
I didn't receive any emails,
Your yahoo account?
Yeah I just checked...
That's the price of a public e-mail. xD

I noticed you changed your contact us e-mails.
I got it... Akto didn't refresh! XD

When will forums and e-mails worldwide EVER invent the auto-refresh button? T.T
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