What's the figure, how many people are members of BYOND?
eleventy two
eleventy two

Duh, everyone knows that :)
Ah, of course, I should have known. Really though, what is it?
Type "..." in the search box and start counting.

Edit: I appeared first in the list when I checked it, so Byond likes me the most. :)
Sarm, I hope you know it lists the person who's viewing it first.
...Lol, nice.
The exact number is.... the ammount of money in the byond treasury devided by 15
Wouldn't they have made a withdrawal from the account by now?
Strawgate, what about the donations?

So, BYOND has made 12,255 dollars. It's a start, but considerring how big BYOND is, it'd be nice to see a lot more.

(Obviously, that's gross amount, as some of it is taken for other stuff e.g. paypal, BYONDscape, etc. The signup page says they actually make 13.26 per member, so... 10833.42 dollars)
What about the donations, Joe? =o
[edit]Don't forget extended memberships too! >_>
Were did you get that figure Airjoe?

The amount of members I mean.
Dark-V, do a members search for "..." and copy everything. paste it into word, and do a word count, which shows how many lines there are. However, one of the members descriptions takes up more than one line, so subtract one.

Also, Ol' Yeller, it was just as much as I could do with what was given to me. Of course they've made more than that, but not considerrably more.
Thanks Airjoe, good move :P
Clever trick with the '...'. Who figured that one out?

Unfortunately it had to be disabled because pulling hundreds of database records for a single page view is a little too taxing on the system. The search wasn't made for such generic wildcards.

And for what it's worth, the numbers people were getting are missing quite a few members who haven't done anything with their blogs. Those are not included in search results because presumably they aren't interesting.