To go along with my isometric man. Hopefully, this reads female, even though all I've really done is lighten some of the head contrast, narrow the shoulders a tad and start the hips wider earlier with a higher leg dividing line. Well, that and of course chest. I want to keep it fairly close to the male silhouette so I can reuse overlays with minimal rework.

Edit: More corrections based on comments.

For now, I will probably forgo walking animations and just have them slide around facing left or right :-)
All I see is a slightly-lightly colored and raised chest area, which I assumed is covered with a "bra", and the face is a bit more feminine. But the body is just to buff.
Masterdarwin88 wrote:
All I see is a slightly-lightly colored and raised chest area, which I assumed is covered with a "bra", and the face is a bit more feminine. But the body is just to buff.

You got something against buff women?
When a guy wears more makeup than you do, then there is something wrong.

When a chick has more abbs and can lift more than you, then there is something wrong.

Not double standards, just -not- normal.
I'll have you know that masculine, muscle-bomb women are a delicacy and should be treated as such. They're even hotter when they have a thick, Mario-style mustache, but that is just "icing on the cake", not a requirement.
So when you say looks too buff, do you mean the coloration or the silhouette?
I meant the silhouette. Everthing else about her is fine.
Now there's no color in the legs.
Also, what gets me to see a man is the head.
Just looks like a 5 o' clock shadow.
The musculature on the legs is too well-defined, which is what I think Masterdarwin88 was referring to by "too buff". Thinning the legs a bit should help. I'd try bringing the arms forward a little too, as the pose looks a little "macho" as if the shoulders are squared back. Also, I think the breasts are a pixel or two too high; they're up past the collarbone.
I think you are right. They should between the upper abdomen, which is right over the bellybutton, and under the collarbone.

And even that woman's arms and stomach looks too masculine.
I think the arms show a definite difference, and will benefit from coming forward a bit, though making them thinner still probably would be an improvement--hard to say without the shoulders changing more first. The legs though are way too toned.

I have to agree on the abdomen being too buff as well. She's sporting a 6-pack. It's less defined than the man's, but not by enough. In think the lines around the sides should be softened to decrease its depth, and the ones down her midline should be eliminated outright.
Okay, another edit with the suggestions in mind. Lowered the breasts, softened the stomach, arms, and legs, thinned the legs and arms a bit.

Also, thanks for the constructive criticism! Feel free to suggest improvements to the man, too!
The shoulders still look off to me and I think that's throwing off the arms. Breasts and stomach look much better. The shaded area dividing the stomach and pelvis though should probably go away.

The legs are an improvement but there's still something masculine about them. I believe that while the calves are much improved, the thigh area is probably still too heavily muscled. Thinning that up just a bit more, and then lightening the shading a lot, should make a big improvement I think. (To be specific, I think where the back/side of the thigh comes out by 1 pixel, you should make it come out about 2-3 pixels higher than it currently does.)
On the shoulder- is the shoulder looking too wide (bring the arm in a pixel) or too squared somewhere (or both)?
I think it looks too squared; it looks, perspective-wise, like she's holding her shoulder back. Bringing the arm and shoulder forward would probably help that.

Another thing you might try is bringing the arm 1 pixel northeast, from where the angle changes on the shoulder joint (you can see the slope go from shallow to steep right at the corner of the shoulder). This would make the arm look a little shorter as well as improve the shoulder. That would require shortening the other arm too. Not sure if that would be best or not, but it's an option that I think makes some sense to try.
Brought west arm in and up, trimmed opposite arm. Trimmed thigh and east leg line. Revised waist shading.
That's hugely improved all around. I think that's distinctly feminine now.
Yes, greatly improved though the breasts lines look disfigured, you've done well.
Your woman is sexy now.
I feel like her hips need to be wider or more defined. Needs more hourglass.
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