MasterMerv: What do you mean disfigured?

D4RK3 54B3R: Hmm, it's been sort of tough to make the hips wider without it translating into too thick thighs. I will see what I can do Monday.
I liked her better when she was a body builder.
I agree widening the hips would help a bit, though it's in much better shape now than it initially was.

I tried playing with this icon a little myself, and found that I was able to widen the hips nicely by doing the following:

1) At the area of the left hand (viewer's right), place a black pixel at 38,27 and color in dark flesh from 37,27 to 37,28. Lighten up the flesh next to that.

2) Above the right hand (viewer's left), the outline just below the waist can come in a little. Put a transparent pixel at 28,31, and black at 29,31.
Alright, tried widening the hips a bit.

Also, ran some test lines and realized that both are not true iso and I broke the 2 then 1 rule, but I think they are "close enough" for game purposes.
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