Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
i don't understand how to download the game
You don't.
are we talking about foods here?
seems so.
PWEASE! make the avatar part of the game! Hmmmm. Avatar Kimmy. Has a nice ring to it. X3
Nice map, nice graphics, nice gameplay and cool....but I hope it would not be laggy
What's with the auras?

And what's the winged, sword weilding warrior?
In response to Kimmy Uchiha
Kimmy Uchiha wrote:
What's with the auras?

And what's the winged, sword weilding warrior?

Its what we call ''suspense''

I only got to play for 5 minutes but seeing the quest NPCs run about and whatnot made me pretty jealous haha.

Seems that my cruddy internet connection can't handle pixel movement though. Would it be feasible to put up a tile based server so players of a low connection properly or is pixel movement too core to the gameplay/code?

I know that with Eternia making the transfer from tile based movement to pixel movement wasn't much of a hassle. Could be wrong here though.
Really? That isn't any better than my connection and I was having issues with the base sprite "twitching".

And I suppose it is a stupid idea - one suggested out of a selfish desire to play Spirit Age! Haha. :)

edit: okay, just tested my connection - 10mbs, so yeah, it's pretty sucky. :(
Uhh,i don't really think this icon problem has something to do with internet connection speed.I have an 5mbs connection,but the icons move normally and there is no lag on any game.Probably,it should have more to do with byond version(since the game uses one in beta stage,it's not a stable one.).Icon states can't cause this,since they are like any other icon and should work fine with any connection.Also,i don't think they can "fix"it,as i think it have more to do with the BYOND engine itself than with the game coding.
We've been working at this issue since it first raised. most of the suggestions given have already been tested but the issue persists. Chris is still looking into the issue.
When start up the game ?
Please host today meng.
I can do a 1 month trial shell server host for you if you would like. And after the 1 month is over we can talk.
This is my main account btw ^
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