Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
This SHOULD be an Avatar game!

I'd LOVE to see the Avatar (Under a different name of course) save the world!

Mabye call his the Chosen One or something? X3
if so much people like this game, why there isnt anybody online? 0.0
In response to Nagatao2
The server currently hosted is simply a lobby, the real game isn't out yet.
I love the new small picture looks lovely.
I wonder what it feels like.
Hi all! If I've understood, i've download BYOND 494 and wait a HOST?
check the server frequently as there are a lot of periodic short test sessions.
yeah, I tried it a few times, and I have been bald the same few times....
if you get the 494 will you be able to play any other games on byond?
Is this game going to be like avatar the last airbender?
I really believe, until we add more elements other than the four basic. we'd get compared to Avatar.
well since we talking about Avatar, how about you create Apa
Metal and God elements. God because sexy.
Everyone knows the best element is the element of surprise.
Unless you are in Jell-O
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