Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!
great intro
i realy enjoy this game but it seems to crash and not come up again for a good mount of time alot. but great works guys keep up the good work ^_^
Were having shell issues problems
Changing shells today!!!!!
Ok, I wanted to make a suggestion for the update. Wanted to ask you if you could maybe make an Under Level system for say level 100-. I see way to many level 500s or over killing level 30s and shit just to loot them. I can sympathize for them because it's happened to me MANY times. Thanks :D
I'll attempt working towards solving this issue once my planned developments are finished for the update. Such things require delicate work since it affects PvP and the equipment system over all.
can u pls put a stretch to fit tab on because im on a mini laptop and i really wanna play Q.Q
IS THIS or is this NOT a One Piece Game?
It is not
its a game about pirates and marines with amazing physical and/or mystical powers battling for control of an oceanic world of deceit,cover ups,and never ending war.where all the makes you of importance to the world as the fact that you are but a simple cog in the machine.and when you die the engineer will simply order more replacement parts.
where isn't a ideology but a sign you make with you hand before a buster blader cuts it off and uses it as a lucky key chain.
where both Therianthropes and amphibious lifeforms can come
together to break bread with huamans as allies and comrade.
intil one party spills alcohol another brand new shoes that give a +1.5 boost to defense and agility and the party quickly escalates into a massive bloody free for all with noob limbs being tossed through the air.
this ain't one piece.....this is rise of the pirates.........>_<

or Coby is an Admiral not a pink haired sissy boy =)
I like the new banners :)
In response to Ripper man5
Ripper man5 wrote:
I like the new banners :)

the game when wanna be online?

The game is up, come join the adventure.
when is this game gonna be back up????????
In response to Blooderty12
Blooderty12 wrote:
when is this game gonna be back up????????

The game is back up and running. Come join us.
This is awesome and very cool!
Imean I never played such a good game in my entire love!
hey whats up with the game now?
wtf is wrong with this stupid game it wont start -_-
stop changing the damn server
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