GIAD 2011

by Jp
A quick and dirty roguelike
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This year I wrote a quick-and-dirty roguelike using a bit of every theme. Runs in text-mode, has a few bugs, is a bit simplistic.

The hub is here
SuperAntx wrote:

Ugh, tried to use the 'discussing hub entry blah' option in the poster and it doesn't seem to do much. Added the link to the post - for reference.
It's a really interesting game, I don't like having to keep a note pad around to remember all the spells though. Through a short play-through all I ended up doing was casting a flamethrower type attack to kill the enemies, and just mess around with random spells with no one around. Still a fun game, I'd play it again.
can you kell my calqolator?! PLZ!
I love it. Good job!
ShadeCyberPlatinum wrote:
can you kell my calqolator?! PLZ!

The stupid lich killed me. I tried going invisible and it attacked. I tried stopping the world and it teleported to me afterwards so I didn't have as much time to heal as I thought I would.