This is mainly a Work In Progress. I was going for a worn out course paper that's been singed at the edges.

Im not very good with interfaces in general so I'd like to hear the communities opinions.

C&C please! =D

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What is mainly a work in progress...?
Video don't work. Fix plz?

I like anyway :c
wait i cant see it :O?
ah it works when u click it

And also it's Great.
I don't see anything. O_o
We can't see it btw.
Pretty Sweet
Image fixed.
Wow, looks really good. =] Good job!
Masterdarwin88 wrote:

Ok good u fixed it :)

Anyway your not good with interfaces? well lets say u may not have been as good, but right now your excellent lol, that's brilliant and i absolutely love it.

I look forward to this game more every day.
Looks great!
I think the "Character stats" needs to be a little bit bigger though.
I see. Ive tried masking them over the current interface and they do seem a tad small. That's the part I'm not good at hehe; accurately determining a suitable size for windows.

Thank you all :D
Bitch you awesome.
Ganing wrote:
Bitch you awesome.

You're HIS bitch. Give him a BJ, double-time! And don't charge him. Greedy little fan.
The inventory one is the only one that looks bad.
Constructive criticism not biased opinions please. Meaning point out what exactly don't you like about it. Id really appreciate it.
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