Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

by Nova Productions
Play in the world of Naruto!

-Game Rules-

No AFK Training - A GM MUST CLEARLY STATE that it is an afk check and give two minutes for the player to respond. If the GM acts before the two minutes are up, it's abuse. If they don't respond in the two minutes then do the following: Jail of 3750 Seconds AND Boot, Jail of 7000 seconds and boot if continued, three times is a ban for rest of the wipe.

No Spam Killing - Warning, Boot then boot again.

No Anime Names - Rename

No Spamming- Warning, Boot, Ban if continued.

No disrespecting GMs - Warning, Mute, Boot, long mute.

If players are arguing or being overall gross for an extended time the GM reserves the right to mute anyone involved for however long they see fit (as long as it's reasonable.)

No Racism - Warning, Mute, Boot, long mute, then Ban

No Insulting GM - Mute for 300 Seconds Then time added If continued (+300)

No Asking For Source - Boot, Ban

No excessive swearing (A little is fine)

-GM/Staff/Admin/Owner/Co-Owner etc. Rules-

NO EDITING POWERS AT ALL. NOTE: The EDIT verb has been taken out
Be respectful to EVERYBODY.

Don't EVER abuse!

Don't Teleport to someone or summon them then kill them. EVER. Your reasoning doesn't matter.

No Killing in GM Room.

No Asking for a Promotion, it will be decided when you get promoted.

No Banning or Booting for no reason.
All Player Rules Apply To You.
You guys are players but with special verbs, help players in need or YOU WILL lose your job.

No Booting/Banning/Muting Administrators higher than your own rank, speak to the owner(s) if they are abusing their powers.

If caught abusing you WILL be stripped of all of your power and your character will be wiped.