Naruto: Eternal Memories

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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
So some people have made reports about me having a huge ego and that it's effecting the game and even irrating some people. So if by any means you believe this. Vote for me to be gone and i will leave.
Im the Bad Guy >.>
WTF IS YOU COO-COO? DONT LEAVE FUCK THEM NIGGAS U GOT A BIG EGOOOO U TOO STRONG U WALK LIKE THIS BUT YOU CAN BACK IT UP!!but foreal stay homie G we love u on this community ur a good admin and u be letting niggas use the customs and shit u cool as fuck nigga dont leave i'll have to woop one of dese niggas ass on some real shit my nigga
chill the fuck out
naw your good :/ and if you will still want to leave just give me your custom chars rofl xD
In response to The Master Gem
The Master Gem wrote:
Im the Bad Guy >.>

I said no names and i do not think you are code named "Bad Guy"
Nah chill
It's just matter of opinion and what you guys think about that "problem"
Just to Clarify, I never mentioned you should be removed. You brought this topic up yourself like you have something to prove..
I have nothing to prove i am simply stating a solution to a problem. Before any more confusion can take place.
I care about the well being of the game so if im doing anything wrong according to the players and the admins also Eternals standards I will then leave.
The reason he comes off as having an ego problem is when things seem serious or when I am trying to be serious with him. He keeps taking it as a joke. Even on a subject that took a while, he never acted serious about it on one subject he came off as if I was not worth respect. I am not the type of guy to care for manners or respect in just about any case but there is a line between not showing respect and simply being rude. To be rude to me is to act like things are smaller than I see them or as they don't matter.

To be honest, I hate manners when I have to use them to others and even more so when they are used to me. The line between being respectful and being rude stands between showing that you want to know about it or showing that you act as if its something to be joked about. If you don't understand or you don't think you can help just say so.

This is the best way I think I can put it. I don't know if I sound like I may have an ego problem but I am sorry if I seem like the one with an ego problem with this comment. Like I said I'm not the type to like manners.
The fact that you made a forum topic to address the situation formally is admirable, In my opinion your actions do not dictate that of which is expected from an Admin. Furthermore you yourself have changed you let your position get to you and it changes your persona in a sometimes unpleasent way & leads to blatent disregard for the game and its players. Just because I am focusing on the negatives does not mean that you are all bad.. therefore I believe this topic to be a complete waste of time.
All i wanted was an explanation and i now have it. Though i do think i take things extremely lightly its because being too serious isn't always a good thing. Thinking about situations like this usually resolves the issue twice as fast, i tend to joke around to calm people down and to just be fun . I personally don't think power gets to me but i will acknowledge your side of this and work on it.
Quay your fine, if they think you have big Ego find someone like Seto Kaiba and let them meet that person XD
please leave.