by DMCast
Keywords: swarm
Swarm version 1.2.

Feature - Queens slick modified to be more useful.
Feature - Queens secondary is now "Hatchery".
Feature - All players must click "Ready" for a match to begin.
Feature - Scoreboards! (:
Feature - Pollen now sparkles.

Balance - Bounding box sizes reduced slightly.
Balance - Mushroom Sentry range increased.

Bug - Spamming the join/leave would bug up the player counting.
Bug - You can now change your bee race while the countdown is occurring.
Bug - A few minor map problems.

Quite a small update, but the Queen features are really fun, so come test them out!
The current server is hosted by a BYONDPanel.com shell, thanks BYONDPanel! (:

There will be a tournament post coming up, so practice tons and get ready to start that fun event up to win LARGE CASH PRIZES!!! :P