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I just created a parody which I'm leaving off my blog so its big yellow curse word stays off your monitor. For those not offended by such things, is my abstract depiction recognizable?

Broke consumer of content that I am, I've had the drawing on my mind for while. However, it took someone on the network requesting introductions from their increasing audience to make me post.

Though the numbers are smaller, I'm in a similar situation. I currently have someone from UCLA friending me on Facebook, a minor circling me on Google+, an invite outside the BYOND group on Steam and umpteen YouTube requests without uploads.

If you're befriending me on Facebook, Google+, Steam, YouTube or whatever, let me know you're from BYOND. It's your get-in-free card. =)
I added you on Google+ because I'm a moose.
@Mickemoose: I don't see a moose on the profile of anyone uncircled who has me circled. I'm guessing you're not the 17-year-old lady, but are you the hyphenated name with the bong or the real estate broker? Those are two very different profiles. ;)
I added you, and you added me back, but I'm not sure how to write directly to just one person on there! xD
@TheLionsRoar: Those who are already circled don't need to bother. I saw that you had Tiberath listed so I knew enough to add you to my BYOND circle. =)

As for writing to one person, I just tried it myself this morning. Make a post, remove any prior share options from the bottom, click the link to add people/circles and then type in the name. The link/button section you clicked will turn into a text area you can type in.
That game that was in the byond group on steam wasnt made with DM was it? It was just someone who is from byond right?
I just naturally assume any names on Google+ that I don't immediately know off-hand is someone from BYOND. I'm having a 100% success rate thus far.
Added ya on G+ :)