What combat aspects would you like to be in "Oni"?

I need to figure out proper names with what I want added. The pixel-movement being added will allow for psuedo-physics so I wanna do knockbacks with powerful attacks, quick attacks, bursts, power moves, etc. I'd just like to know what you'd expect to see in a revolutionary combat system?

Oni takes place in a fantasy world similar to Naruto, so there will be real-time and fast-paced action, PvP and NPCvP. I want combat to shine, like a freshly polished car. So I need your help, the potential players, or those who want to see something awesome.

I also wanna incorporate flash videos in-game. Possibly for cutscenes, the trailer, intro. I'm not sure.

I'm not sure how to write a combat design document, but I'm hoping the ideas that I hopefully get will help me along.
Kind of seems like you have most of it planned out. You could have like two attack buttons, and basically different points in comboing would sometimes jab, knock back, and you could throw attack charging, where you hold and you can either release to hit a charged hit, or just hold and it would auto release, and different points in the combo would do different charges, like a multi punch, burst(whatever that is), or a power move or something. That sentence was too long. Again, it seemed like you have this planned out, not sure if I'm just going on about nothing.

This is coming from my last comment with that single button combo 5 thing, but with multiple buttons.
Oh snap... I'm so high I thought that damn cloud was Flying Nimbus... I was like: "Wtf... I thought I clicked on a Naruto game?"