This is a preview of the "Controls" flash-card I wanna add in game for anybody that needs to learn the controls, or wants to look back. It's very much WIP but I like the look of it so far.

Anyways... on to the design document:
I'm not gonna copy and paste it here, instead I'll just leave a link to it below and allow you to read it at your own ease; it's written in Notepad, whatever.

Click Below!
2011-10/UPD4T3-0001/combat controls.txt

Programming hopefully starts today.
Sounds cool.
Any suggestions?
No point in suggesting anything until it's in working form with what you have written down.
The A+F thing might cause issues. Because A would throw something when you push it, wasting an item. It could work if you either put a delay, or make it so you have to release to throw a weapon, but most games have it on press, not on release, so it might be awkward when playing.
No worries, i'm going through all this with andrew again, and another person.